It is finally here!! The meeting opportunity that we have been anticipating is now scheduled for Wednesday, January 17th at 9:30 am at the Village Council Offices/Town Hall.


The River Oaks Preserve/Park Project is on the agenda.  The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, as our strategic partner, will be joining us to support the possible acquisition of this unique property that we all could enjoy sooner than later.  In addition, as you may know, the property potentially serves as a means of additional water run-off (river tributary runs through it) in the case of another hurricane or storm.  


This is so important to the future of our community! We urge you to get the word out to fellow residents to be there to show support.  As they say “strength in numbers” and we need those numbers on the 17th!!!!


We hope to see you there!


Important Note:  Here is the link to the official agenda that is publish on the Village of Estero website (it comes out a week before the 17th scheduled council meeting) this will help to confirm the time etc.