As your Supervisor of Elections, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to serve you. I am honored and privileged by the responsibility you have entrusted in me. It is my goal to strive for errorfree elections and to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

The topic of voter and election fraud, in the 2016 election cycle, remains a headline in the news. Florida has the strictest election laws in the United States and the concerns of rampant fraud does not exist in our state.

The Lee County Supervisor of Elections along with Supervisors of Elections throughout Florida, work hard to reinforce and uphold Florida’s voter registration and election procedures. Cases of voter or election fraud in Lee County are rare and isolated incidents. An incident of voter or election fraud can have an impact on voter perception and bring into question how we con-duct elections.

Often, alleged voter or election fraud has no basis and is more a result of unintentional mistakes by voters or election administrators.

There are statutorily mandated safeguards we must follow to prevent voter fraud. The following are ten reason why you can feel confident that the elec-tions in Lee County Florida are safe, secure and accurate.

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