The Florida Chamber of Commerce has expanded its affinity program for 2017 to include a special discount for It’s Relevant TV. This unique television platform is being used across the country by several different business types including retail, medical, dealerships, restaurants, hotels, entertainment/sports arenas and professional services.

It’s Relevant TV transforms your on-premises television into a tool to market your business as people watch TV. It’s a custom service made for each individual business that combines TV programs, your ads and videos, and your social media posts in real-time. This program is offered to both local chambers and to your members.

The Florida Chamber rate of $99 per month makes it extremely affordable for your business to utilize a premium TV solution. And while the TV programming they provide is entertaining, the main purpose of the service is to make your business money. The vast majority of It’s Relevant TV’s clients see an immediate return on investment, with increases in average customer spend, the number of return visits and social media followers.

You can see how it works in this short video:


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