Estero Chamber News

A Banner Year for New Business Openings in Estero

In 2015 more new commercial properties were placed in service in Estero than in any year since 2007. While Hertz and Walmart received the most attention, other commercial businesses opened their doors for the first time last year as well. Especially, The new properties added over $ 150 million to Estero’s growing tax base. Read More…

What a great way to honor our Military!


Hodges University has begun a R.E.D. (Remember Everyone Deployed) Friday movement to honor United States military servicemen and servicewomen who are currently serving overseas. The movement encourages students, staff, faculty and campus visitors, as well as the general public, to wear something red on Fridays.


The Estero Chamber of Commerce supports safe boating and kayaking, Always wear a Life Jacket!

The Estero Chamber of Commerce supports safe boating and kayaking. Always wear a Life Jacket!

Estero Community Improvement Plans!

The Estero Community Improvement Foundation is working with FGCU on a survey of community needs and assets in the Village of Estero.  Furthermore, As part of this survey, focus groups are being formed and interviewed to obtain the valuable feedback necessary to have a comprehensive study – and we need input from the business community.

Click HERE to see an outline of the focus groups as well as a list of the focus groups dates and times. Moreover, If you would like to participate, please call the telephone number on the second page to reserve your place.  You must call and sign up in order to participate. 

As Estero continues to grow, input and feedback from the business community is important to the village and community leaders.  Please take the time to assist in this important information gathering process.

Estero Area #1 Suburban Office Market in the East!

The Estero area is the No. 1 suburban office market in the East, according to a report released by corporate relocation consultant The Boyd Co. Furthermore, Boyd also named Estero as the suburban market with the lowest operating costs nationally for a corporate headquarters. CLICK HERE to read more and watch a video of John Boyd discussing the report.

Historic Night in the Villages of Estero!

Inauguration on Estero’s Village Council and Appointment of Mayor Nick Batos