Public Comment on non-agenda items: Robert King, Estero Council of Community Leaders’ Transportation Director, stated he has been invited to participate in the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Florida Summit on June 7-8, 2018. He will be addressing some of the transportation issues along Corkscrew Road. (Presentation)
Action Item
Street Sweeping Contract

Council approved awarding a Request for Bids No. RFB 2018-03 to USA Services of Florida, Inc., for street sweeping Village of Estero roadways for a one year period. This action also authorizes the Village Manger to execute the contract and to renegotiate the renewal of this contract for an additional one-year term under the same terms and conditions. (Contract)
Village Attorney’s Report
Village Attorney Burt Saunders presented a brief overview of the 2018 Legislative Session. In his report, he acknowledged the Florida League of Cities for their efforts in helping maintain local government home rule authority. (Report)
Village Manager’s Report – Board vacancies
Village Manager Steve Sarkozy reported on the need to replace the recent vacancies to the Design Review Board (DRB) and Planning & Zoning Board (PZB). The DRB’s landscape architect position will be advertised. The PZB position will be appointed at the next Council meeting with one of the recent applicants who were interviewed for the board positions.
Community Development projects update
Community Development Director Mary Gibbs gave an overview of the many projects underway to date, including the Comprehensive Plan which should be ready for a final public hearing for adoption in May.
Staff is currently negotiating with the number 2 ranked consultant, Clarion Associates, to prepare the Village’s Land Development Code. Negotiations with the number 1 ranked consultant were not successful.
Upcoming zoning cases for April and May include the Phoenix Assisted Living Center, Arcos Executive Center office building and the Coconut Point hotel next to the Estero Fire Station.
Gibbs stated the Metropolitan Planning Organization has prepared a scope of services for a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to develop an inventory of needed bike and pedestrian facilities, develop cost and funding strategies, and include public involvement. The project could begin July 1 with an estimated 9 months to completion. (Presentation)
Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council
Executive Director Tiffany Esposito, Council Directors Harlan Parrish and Bill Daubmann, and Estero Community Improvement Foundation’s Wayne Smith gave a presentation on building a strong relationship between the EDC, the Village and the business community. They are requesting that the Village become a member of the EDC again this year.
One of the stated 2017 EDC accomplishments was working with a private app-based ride-sharing solution to traffic congestion called Chariot, which is owned by Ford Smart Mobility and is to be located in Estero. Chariot is described as a mass-transit system that relieves congestion while offering a personalized commuting experience. It was stated that both Lee Health and NCH are interested in this service for their employees. (Presentation)
No voting takes place during workshops. Council will vote on this at their next meeting.
Village-wide Stormwater Maintenance Activities
Estero River after it was cleared of debris
Public Works Director David Willems gave an overview of the stormwater maintenance projects which have been completed as well as those currently underway to make sure the Village is ready for the upcoming rain events this season.
Four sub-watershed groups were identified which received flooding during the two major rain events last year. These groups include the railroad ditch, the Estero River north branch, Estero River south branch and Halfway Creek.
Meetings were held with HOA presidents and property managers of affected communities to exchange information.
The Village is different from other communities as there is no backbone canal system operated by the municipality. Estero’s system is more of a natural system with Halfway Creek and the Estero River which provide most of the Village’s stormwater system. And most of that system is on private property so it’s the responsibility of the HOA’s to maintain their preserves or flow ways to prevent flooding. The Village’s responsibility is the Estero River up to Bamboo Island. (Presentation)
Updated Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Maps
Public Works Director David Willems gave a presentation on the updated preliminary FEMA maps relating to the Village of Estero.
The preliminary maps were published in February and FEMA will provide a letter of final determination which should become effective by December. Impacts will be location specific and some residents will no longer be required to purchase flood insurance. Those that still need flood insurance could see lower rates. (Presentation)
Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting. Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Council meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, April 18, 2018.
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