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Market Share 500

Let’s face it. We’re all in a race to win Market Share, right?

In order to compete against the big guys, won’t we need to have high performance vehicles fueled with the highest octane available? You will want to kick in the TURBO when it’s needed, won’t you? And don’t you want a Pit Crew that is synced, ready to keep you in the race?

How Do Small Businesses Compete?

1st Gear

1st Gear. Get your data right across the various channels of the Cloud, for each location. When your data is in sync, the faster your ride, the quicker you get to the front of the pack.

Your business needs a Team that will setup and maintain all aspects of the syncing program, ensuring your information is accurate across all levels for each of your locations.

Voice Search should be included in this setup as it is growing in usage every single day. Siri, Bixby, Alexa and Cortana have become our assistants when we are on the go.

Here are some businesses that offer this solution:

No matter which service you choose, this is the starting point of getting found on the search engines.

2nd Gear

2nd Gear is ensuring you have a HIGH PERFORMANCE engine. Get your website off of those slow, cheap servers and spend a little extra for a HIGH PERFORMANCE servers!

You should have a Pit Crew that will setup and maintain the server, complete with daily backups, integration of all optimization programs, caching programs and everything else it takes to have the fastest server network.

Then, develop a screaming fast website with all the image optimization, SEO code, caching elements… whatever it takes to get your website in the fast lane!

Here are a few server platforms you should take a look at:

  • AWS - targets Enterprise systems, on the expensive side, but very fast
  • Google Cloud - targets Enterprise and SMBS, pay for usage, very fast
  • Digital Ocean - targets SMBS, cluster deployment, pay for usage, very fast
  • Cloudways - current hosting partner for all of Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing clients

No matter which hosting service you chose, make sure you have a local team you can reach out to that will manage your hosting for you.

3rd gearShift into 3rd.

Next comes wrapping your engine (server) with an aerodynamic body (website). It's important to have a light, strong framework.

Many businesses use WordPress as the framework and, unless you get the right template, WordPress can slow your entire vehicle down to a crawl. There are developers who recognize the need for speed and they have developed templates specifically to boost performance. They charge anywhere from $100-$250 just for the template. Then you've got to make sure you have the right plugins installed to help it along.

Concrete5 is the framework of choice at Red Sneakers. We've built custom plugins to optimize for speed which ultimately affects SEO. Other web developers will write the pages in HTML 5 by hand to insure the fastest delivery. That can become quite expensive, so a business owner should evaluate the difference of speed, and if it is worth the expenditure.

Whatever framework you choose, keep performance top of mind.

4th gear4th is all about Fuel. High Octane fuel is needed to keep your vehicle running at the front of the pack.

High Octane = Keyword Research.

In fueling a High Performance website, Keyword Research is critical in building the appropriate site structure. Most times, what we think people are searching is different than what they are actually searching.

There are a few keyword research tools out there. WordStream has a free tool that will generate keywords for you.  SEO SkyBox Suite has a free keyword tool that not only generates keywords for you, but you can see what keywords your competitor us using!

Whichever keywords you use, it is critically to have a great pit crew in place that knows how to deliver the most return on your keyword site structure.

How Crucial is Your Pit Crew?

pit crew

Imagine this. You are a pit crew member, standing still, in a pit lane. You wait as the car races straight towards you, then stops on a dime.

A great pit crew is synchronized, each person with their specific job. They constantly straddle that line between performing as fast as possible AND making no mistakes.

You need to keep that in mind BEFORE you need a pit crew. Is your pit crew in a foreign country? A different time zone? Are they local? Will they be able to respond when they are needed?

There are many LOCAL companies who are Estero Chamber members, that have GREAT pit crews. I would encourage every business owner to choose local over out of town any day. The SWFL area has many good businesses that can help you when you need it most!

The Market Share 500.

If you are in business, you are in this race. The only question is..."Are you a contender?"


Ed Moore, Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing

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